The session videos from the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2014

CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2014

Scaling Your Storage Using Ceph
Tutorial Championing CloudStack Development
Extending CloudStack Using Plugins and Events
A Real World Outlook on Hybrid Cloud: How and Why
What’s Next Panel Discussion
Pulling Back the Curtain CloudStack’s Use in Private and Community Clouds
Usage Management and Billing for CloudStack
Auto Scale Multi Cloud Multi Tenent
State of the Union
Grumpy Guide to CloudStack Operations
CloudStack Automation Integration Testing
PaaS Panel Discussion
Designing a Production Ready CloudStack Cloud
CloudStack Works
psCloudStack Internals
Tutorial: Chef and CloudStack
How to Run a Bank on Apache
Tutorial Cloudify
Building a PaaS with CloudStack
MySQL High Availability for CloudStack
Networking Panel Discussion
POD Design Without Single Points of Failure
Ability to Have Better Control Over First Class Objects
Granular SCSI Controller Support in CloudStack Over VMware Deployments
Enhancing Apache CloudStack Networking with Nuage Networks
Guaranteed Storage Performance
Test Your Cloud as Code
Tutorial: CloudStack Ecosystem
Connecting the Cloud Simply and Efficiently
BT Operating Globally Delivering Locally
Managing Your Clouds with CloudStack Powered Cloud Management Platforms
Nested CloudStack with VMware
Virtual Machine HA in CloudStack and Possible Improvements
Troubleshooting Apache CloudStack
Working on a Skyscraper in the Early Years of the XX Century
CloudStack Simulator
Taming the Cost of Your First Cloud
Demos CSForge Nuvlabox and More
Tutorial Part 2 Chef and CloudStack
Welcome & Announcements
Tutorial CloudStack Ecosystem Part 2
Storage Panel Discussion
Going Forward with Apache CloudStack
Deployment Automation on CloudStack with TOSCA and Cloudify

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